. Criteria:-

1. It is an empanelment of Residential Houses / apartments / Community Hall available on Rent, for Running Residential Homes (BASERA) for Ultra-Poor Community / family.

2. Any Individual / Company / Society / NGO / Firm / Agency are eligible to apply through this portal.

3. The premises/ house must be secured and should have a gate. All the windows and doors should be functional.

4. It must have adequate clean drinking water facility, power connection and adequate latrine rooms. (Extra latrines can be constructed after selection for empanelment).

5. Independent house with close premises on the ground floor will be preferred.

6. Empanelment of the house / premises shall not automatically result in agreement. The agreement shall be signed only after the designated ultra-poor/ community favors using the premises. The officers of SSUPSW shall facilitate such visit of the premises.

7. This is to reiterate that agreement shall be signed between SSUPSW and Property / house owner at a monthly rent to be finalized by local SDO (Civil).

8. The premises can be vacated by the society (SSUPSW) after one month prior notice, for the same. The property/ house owner can also request for vacation of the premises after giving a 3 months Notice for the same.

9. Applicant shall be solely responsible for legal status / proprietorship / lease, litigations and other legal implications of the Property / house offered on rent.

10. There shall be a provision of elected self managed committee of the inhabitants. This Committee shall be revised in the first week of every month by the inhabitants with the support of local out reach worker. The same shall be intimated in writing to the local police station.

11. All the disputes under this empanelment or subject shall be under Patna jurisdiction.

12. SSUPSW does not assume liability for any claims for damages arising out of this empanelment process.

13. Resident inhabitants will be solely liable for any legal issue. In case of missing resident and death of residents or any other related issues. The inhabitants will be only responsible for the all legal consequence thereof.

⦁ Requirements from the property/house owners:

1. Metered Power connections for which the power bills shall be paid by SSUPSW.

2. Clean drinking water and running water in the bath rooms in sufficient amount should be available. If it is not available the property/house owner have to make available these facilities after empanelment is finalized.

3. A provision of residential care taker on the payroll of the property/ house owner shall be made available for looking after the assets/properties and shall be able to operate the daily attendance / biometric attendance equipment’s of the inmates.

4. There shall be a provision of near about 25 fixed iron locker boxes or as is required as per residential capacity for keeping valuable materials / item of the inmates. The locker boxes can be installed after empanelment is finalized.

5. The property/house owner shall provide bed rolls with plastic cover as per requirements of number of beneficiaries residing in the house.

6. Sufficient space shall be available for cooking food of the inmates both individually or commonly (Which shall be self managed by inmates).

7. There should be ample space in the gated premises of the house to park rikshaw, thela etc.

8. This Portal for application shall always remain open,or till such times as the programe is operational.the embandmental of applicatns shall be done every 1st and 15th of the month.